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"A Voice in the Head"is a 1 person show about the creative journey one person makes with many voices in their head. Some of those voices are friends, family, and a powerful inner voice.


There are times that the inner voice can be fantastically destructive and at other times it can lead him to incredible success.  


From having wild imagination as a kid and being terrible with women, to being a filmmaker and famously wanted by women. 


When you are a searching for creative success, how do you really acquire that?

I tried stand up, improv, being editor in chief of a publication, being a business owner, making films, and getting a shitload of press coverage. 

I also have a massive amount of anxiety that I refuse to take drugs to alleviate. I'd rather find natural methods instead. 

This is a story about dealing with anxiety coupled with one of the most challenging and non straightforward careers a person can go for.

If you're a doctor, you go to school for ten years and have everything planned out. Hollywood though, there is no planning for this. There is no direct series of steps in a manual that we all follow. 

Everybody tries, but few succeed. 

This is the journey through the toughest career with a brain that is super powerful yet super deadly. 

I can use my imagination to write and direct a feature length film or run a business plan, or I can use it to imagine that I'm the most vile, useless fucking person that's ever existed. 

Or I can use it to find a solution to find a good balance. That's what we do. Find the balance. 

 I'm great, but I'm also super worried about life. And my brain never stops using imagination to fuck with me and create horror stories about the future. 

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. 


This is a theatre stage show based out of NYC currently. About 60 minutes in length. 

It's also a movie about to be produced with the same concept. My fucking hell. 


Watchable in full by Fall 2017.