Hi guys, thanks for coming to my website. Who am I, what's my deal anyway?

I'm a filmmaker, comedian, and a good dude. I try to give back to the world anyway I can. 

Hobbies: playing music (ukulele, piano and guitar), playing basketball, and traveling with my lovely wife, Abbey. 

I run a video production company where we make marketing videos for businesses. We handle Fortune 500 companies and were nominated for a NY Emmy for one of our commercials. 

I've performed stand up comedy on and off for about a decade. Any given year either I'm doing it hard or working on a different part of my career. 

I've also trained as an actor at HB Studios in NYC, James Marshall Studio in Los Angeles, and Upright Citizen's Brigade improv in NYC. 

I went to Brooklyn College and majored in Film Production and minored in TV/Radio. 

How did I get into film? 

  • At 19, I started out in Brookdale Community College, studying any topic that had to do with humans. Sociology, psychology, communications, marketing, anthropology, and more. I loved it but had no idea where to apply this. Psychology? A therapist? What does someone do if they love humans? 


Early in a semester, a friend suggested I join him in the TV productions class they offered. He said it was so up my alley. 

I took it and fell in love with the topic. I couldn't believe that this could be a career. This is where human interaction can be applied: filmmaking. Showing how humans interact on the screen in a realistic way. 

I immediately switched gears, and for the first time in my life, armed with a mission, I did what I never did before: I worked hard in school. I switched to Brooklyn College and studied film production and minored in TV/radio. 

  • At 21, in Brooklyn College, I directed and produced reality show pilot called, "Pimp My Night," before submitting my thesis "Final's Week." They were both screened in the Jersey Shore Film Festival.

  • At 23, I was Editor in Chief of a local magazine called, "SY Pulse." At that same time, I ran a comedy video blog series where I impersonated the characters in my small town New Jersey. 

  • At 26, I launched my own video production company called, "Old Farm Productions."

  • At 27, I directed and produced a documentary following stand up comedians at the Jersey Shore. 

  • At 28, I got into People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for being the Most Swiped Guy on Tinder in New Jersey. 

  • At 29, I starred in Love Connection, on Fox hosted by Andy Cohen. This was one of the highest viewed episodes of the series. 

  • At 30, I was lead role in a play that was in the LA Times. Called The Flame, directed by Miranda Spigener Sapon. 

  • At 30, one of our commercials was nominated for a New York Emmy. I'm now an Emmy nominated producer. 

  • At 30, I wrote a one-man-show that was performed in front of a live audience in Santa Monica, California. 

  • At 31, I launched an E-Course on how to use Tinder or any online dating platform the right way. 

  • At 32, I launched the Podcast Business Storytelling 101 

What am I up to right now you ask? 

  1. Running my video production company www.oldfarmproductions.com

  2. Hosting the Podcast: Business Storytelling 101

  3. Writing screenplays