I write comedy and business articles, and my favorite is when I get to combine the two.

How I Switched Late Nights to Early Mornings and You Can Too"

I'm 31.

I finally overcame waking up late.

Okay, okay, don't laugh. For some folks out there, waking up early is a nothing accomplishment taught during youth, similar to tying your shoes (which I totally remember being hard.)

For me, this was not the case. I was the last one to get picked up on the school bus, and the bus driver used to just wait for us to come out, no questions asked. And I would be so late to waddle onto that big yellow vehicle. Being last, I would elicit many angry stares from my fellow students. I mean what was the big deal, where were we going? It was just 2nd grade.

We eventually evolved from getting onto the bus late, to missing the bus altogether.

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"To Get A Dog or Not?"​​

So, stupidly, I went online and saw the most beautiful dog I could find. Little did I know they made them this big.

I drove to Pennsylvania and picked him up. The largest dog in the animal kingdom.

We were preparing for this thing like we were preparing for a velociraptor.

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"Get Out of The House - Why Co-Working Spaces Are All That"

"​So you started a side hustle. You work for yourself, and you are really excited. You work in your living room in your pajama's and nobody is telling you otherwise. You get to make a sandwich with pickles and fresh tuna, get to listen to the new Kanye album full blast, and your commute has been reduced to leaving the sofa to get leftover pound cake."

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"5 New Age Ways To Get A Job"

This is advice coming from a guy who got called to be on 14 different reality shows, got national press, and was on Fox, Cheddar and more. I never reached out to any of these people.

Here's a quick story of how I hate looking for jobs, and how I use my networking and power of branding and marketing to make opportunities for myself.

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How to Answer, "What Do You Do?"

You are a walking, verbal, business card

When you meet someone for the first time, they are going to ask you the main question: 

What do you do? - And how you respond to that will dictate everything.

I call this the three question rule. When somebody meets you, they are going to ask you three questions before moving on to the next person. They're going to ask

1. What you do?

2. Can you clarify that?

3. How do we do business together?

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